Neutral matching shorts loungewear and beachwear set for women.

Meet Altair, the Company Behind Your Favorite Loungewear

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The idea. 

There’s no such thing as one size fits all. At least, that’s what we’ve been told. But what if we told you something different? What if we told you that we could create clothing- from loungewear to sleepwear to casualwear- that is perfect for any occasion? Not boring, just timeless. Not extravagant, just memorable. In fact, lounge wear can be classy, cute, and comfortable. No, it’s not too good to be true. It’s just right.

We wanted to challenge the endless cycle of “I have nothing to wear!” The dream of Altair the Label was to create loungewear for life.  

Muslin, cream, matching loungewear set for women.

The preparation.

Dreams don’t come easy. After running a thriving modest swimwear business with Geode Swimwear, our founders Jenna and Jake Duncan were ready to take the full leap into the retail industry. Little did they know that it would take three years before anything got off the ground. Multiple missed deadlines, unexplainable roadblocks, wasted trips around the world, faulty clothing samples, and raw doubt. It all piled on, and Altair quickly went from within reach to pipe dream. Good thing the hunt for quality clothes never goes out of style. And it turns out everybody wants- no, needs- loungewear for life just as much as we do. 

Armed with ten loungewear sets for people of all style types, offered in over ten rich colors, the Altair team put our dream to the test. 

The big day. 

On August 26, 2023, Altair the Label officially launched to the world! Ten matching loungewear sets made in dreamy gauze, quality cotton, soft-as-silk textures, and supple stretchy material for people of all shapes and sizes became available to the masses.

Browse creamy neutrals in the Carmen and Tulum for a chic, minimalist look. Check out the Cielo or Monterey for luxurious colors to brighten up your closet. Simply looking for something easy, breezy, and beautiful? Let the Luna and the Isabel become your new staple. Oh! And don’t forget the socks. The options are truly endless, and perfect for all of life’s moments. 

The result.

Our team and our dedicated founders, driven by organic experience and armed with the tools to make a years-long dream a reality, are more than ready for Altair’s journey ahead. Was it all worth it? Only time will tell. Let’s just say hard work pays off…even when it comes in small doses. 

The world of Altair is now yours for the taking. Our sets are more than a good fit at a good price. 

Our lounge wear sets mean…  
Sleep fit for royalty. 
Beach wear on repeat. 
Instagram-worthy mirror selfies. 
A matching girl’s trip moment.
Instant *add to cart*, without the regret. 
The perfect Christmas present. 
A stylish work-from-home outfit. 
Feeling beautiful every day. 
Lively Saturday brunch. 
Lazy Sunday naps.
A casual Friday at the office.
Date night, formal attire encouraged. 
Hitting snooze one more time, just because you can. 
An easy step in your morning routine.
A major confidence boost.

Most importantly, we guarantee long-lasting products and an all-purpose quality that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Pink, silky, matching loungewear set for women.

The dream.

Just like a capsule wardrobe, Altair is here to stay. Every day we are growing, learning, inspiring, and of course, lounging. We aim to provide timeless and versatile loungewear sets that make you say “this goes with everything!” Finally, loungewear that can be worn at any time, in any place, for any occasion. 

Thanks for dreaming with us. 

Altair the Label

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Muslin, cream matching loungewear set for women.

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