Best matching beachwear set for travel.

Cute Nursing Friendly Sets for Tired Postpartum Moms

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Mom Life Made Easy

Congratulations! You just had a baby! How are you feeling? Is baby sleeping through the night? Did you eat three full meals today? Did you get enough sunlight? These questions might sound all too familiar if you’ve just had a baby. 
While we may not be able to answer all your questions about motherhood, there is one thing that we consider ourselves experts in. Nursing friendly clothing. Especially nursing friendly luxury loungewear sets for any and all postpartum moms. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for cute loungewear sets that make you feel confident in your new postpartum body, but are also functional enough to be breastfeeding friendly and nursing friendly, then you’ve come to the right place. Altair the Label has exclusive designs that will keep you comfy, cozy, and on top of your mama duties all day long. 

The Cove Set in Canary and Stone

Best matching beachwear set for travel Best matching beachwear set for travel

Our number one pick for so many reasons. It’s breathable. It’s flattering. AND it includes a button-down, nursing friendly top. The Cove set puts luxury nursing loungewear on a whole new level, especially since we designed it to come with a drawstring waistband and pockets. The flowy fabric makes it the perfect postpartum loungewear choice for any season, rain or shine. In fact it’s so good, we had to offer it in two swoon worthy colors– a whimsical canary and a refined stone shade. You can create the cutest two piece outfits without even giving them a second thought. It’s almost like we’re trying to make mom-life easier…and we succeeded. 

The Playa Set in Sand

Neutral matching beachwear set for women.

Our versatile Playa set is known for its affinity as easy beachwear, but did you know it makes great loungewear too? The stretchy waistband shorts are forgiving on your postpartum body and deep pockets make it easy to carry around everything you need, from a pacifier to a cell phone. Let’s not forget the chic buttons and collar that automatically make the top breastfeeding friendly, of course. If you’re not sold on this matching shorts and top set yet, did we mention that it’s made with 100% cotton terry cloth? We know those baby spit up stains can be a hassle, so this thick set can make cleaning easy-peasy. You know what they say…when life gives you lemons, make luxury loungewear (or something like that.) 

The Carmen Set in Oat and Cream

Muslin, brown matching loungewear set for women. Muslin, cream matching loungewear set for women.

PSA for all working moms! We’ve created the perfect set for transitioning from mom mode to boss mode, without all the hustle (although we do love a good rise-and-grind day). A popular favorite since its release, the Carmen set is made in 100% cotton gauze and comes in two ultra rich shades for all the neutral girlies. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a good neutral staple in their closet? The Carmen top is obviously nursing friendly and the Carmen bottoms are the perfect wide leg lounge pants. The best part? You can even wear this matching set straight to bed, because there’s nothing better than cozy postpartum pajamas.

Tackling Postpartum One Lounge Set at a Time

We know postpartum life isn’t all sugar and spice and everything nice. It’s rewarding. It’s challenging. It’s everything in between. And we want to be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a nursing friendly matching set or you’re looking for ultra cozy, luxury loungewear, you can find it all at Altair the Label. Shop our entire collection for everything you need to feel your best. 
Altair the Label 

A Word From the Altair Mamas

Don’t want to just take our word for it? Check out what these mamas have to say about our nursing friendly and postpartum friendly luxury loungewear! 


“This set keeps me comfy while my baby keeps me on my toes!” 
-Holly Murphy


“I’m obsessed with the Carmen set!”  
-Adriana Sandoval


“My favorite errands set. 100% cotton terry fabric and vv soft. I am obsessed!”
-Kath B.


“I love the Canary set so so much!”
-Amanda Stephan

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