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Our Favorite Details on our Best Luxury Loungewear Sets

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Collars and Pockets and Buttons, Oh Boy! 

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again (and again…and again). Our luxury loungewear is loungewear for life. From the gas station to the grocery story, from the kitchen to the bedroom, we’ve got your next favorite matching set lined up and waiting. The unsung heroes of our loungewear? The details. Each piece is exclusively and expertly designed in-house to fit the needs of every little moment. 

We’re serious about offering that little extra design or feature that really makes you fall in love with an outfit. So serious, in fact, that we made an entire guide about our favorite details and why they matter. Explore the subtle details of our best high end loungewear now.  

A Deep Dive Into the Details

Stretchy Waistband vs. Adjustable Waistband

Matching loungewear set for women in a neutral checkered print. Ribbed, pink women's luxury loungewear set.

Any other ladies constantly monitoring their gut health? While we’re still trying to find a solution for bloating (seriously, let us know if you find the cure), we figured we could create the next best thing. And by that we mean, embracing stretchy pants. Our bodies are constantly changing so why shouldn’t our waistbands? We can proudly say that our entire loungewear collection currently features a stretchy or adjustable waistband, perfect for when you need something comfortable, functional, and cute. 

Altair lounge pants with a stretchy waistband: Mia, Carmen, Tulum, Meadow, Playa
Altair lounge pants with an adjustable waistband: Cove, Celia, Cielo, Monterey, Luna, Isabel

Pockets vs. No Pockets

Matching silk sleepwear set for women Women's loungewear set in yellow, sweater material.

If you’re constantly chasing that “this dress has pockets!” feeling, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t shy away from including pockets where they belong (which is on almost everything, especially on our women’s pajama pants). But we also tastefully consider where pockets do and don’t look best, and where they can serve the most purpose. You’ll find that our luxury loungewear pants include deep pockets for filling, or no pockets for flattering. 

Altair lounge pants with pockets: Mia, Cove, Carmen, Tulum, Meadow, Celia, Playa, Luna, Isabel
Altair lounge pants without pockets: Cielo, Monterey

Collar vs. No Collar

Muslin, brown matching loungewear set for women. Green bamboo matching sleepwear set for women.

A neckline may not seem like a big deal, but in the loungewear world, it can take a matching set from frumpy to fabulous. We love designing our sets to include a classy collar or classic scoop for ultimate versatility, while also embracing alternative v-necks and square necklines that make a set stand out in a subtle way. 

Altair lounge tops with a collar: Cove, Carmen, Playa
Altair lounge tops with a scoop neckline: Mia, Celia, Cielo, Monterey, Luna, Isabel
Altair lounge tops with an alternative neckline: Tulum, Meadow

Button Up vs. Pullover

Nursing friendly loungewear top for women in tan. French terry crewneck in neutral cream.

As a company dedicated to making moms’ lives easier, we couldn’t have matching sets without nursing friendly, button down tops. But just like not every pair of pants needs pockets, not every lounge top needs buttons. Lucky for you, we opted to have all the options, no matter what mood you’re in. We created every top to be adorned with ease and confidence, whether or not it’s button up loungewear. And don’t worry, we keep every top relaxed and effortless. No skin tight tops here; flowy fits only.

Altair button up lounge tops: Cove, Carmen, Playa 
Altair pullover lounge tops: Mia, Tulum, Meadow, Celia, Cielo, Monterey, Luna, Isabel

Long-Sleeve vs. Short-Sleeve

Boho beach top for women in cream. Green casual matching loungewear set for women.

Seasons and temperatures change, and with it, our wardrobes. For the days you need to layer up or layer down, our long-sleeve and short-sleeve pieces can be the perfect members in your loungewear ensemble. Pro tip: Layer these loungewear tops with turtlenecks or cardigans for chilly temperatures, or use them as swimsuit cover ups when things start to heat up. That’s the beauty of Altair loungewear– it can be adapted to fit any occasion.  

Altair long-sleeve lounge tops: Mia, Cove, Tulum, Celia
Altair short-sleeve lounge tops: Carmen, Meadow, Cielo, Monterey, Playa, Luna, Isabel

Practically Perfect in Every Way

They say being perfect is overrated. We say chasing perfection can get you pretty dang close to the next best thing. That’s why every element of each of our sets is meticulously designed, sampled, revised, and packaged to make the timeless loungewear that you’ll keep coming back to. Think of it this way– you’re only a click away from an outfit that could last you a lifetime. Happy shopping! 

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