Matching silk sleepwear set for women

The Best Luxury Loungewear Sets for Tall Women

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Calling All Tall Women

Reaching the top shelf. Hopping into a truck with ease. Touching the ground and the monkey bars at the same time. Being a tall woman has its perks, but one thing that might not always come easy is finding something to wear. Maybe the shirt shows more than your midriff, or maybe the “one-size-fits-all” yoga pants turn out to be highwaters. Whatever your tall-girl dilemma, we have a solution. And it comes in the form of easy, breezy loungewear. 

Make room in your closet for your next favorite fit with this list of our favorite lounge sets for tall women. 

The Isabel Set in Rose and Moss
Matching silk sleepwear set for women
Inseam: Ranges from 28-30 inches

This silky set might just be our best-kept sleepwear secret. (Say that three times fast.) The Isabel top is smooth to the touch and pairs perfectly with our Isabel wide leg lounge pants. It may not be tall knitted loungewear, but that’s why we’re here to make tall silk loungewear a must-have on your wishlist. 

Don’t forget about the drawstring waistband, the pant pockets, and the tasteful breast pocket that will leave you wanting for nothing, except for maybe an ultra-comfy bed. The Isabel set comes in two stunning shades of playful rose and stylish moss. It’s our best tall women's loungewear set and it’s all yours for the taking. 

The Tulum Set in Cream and Oat 
Muslin, cream matching beachwear set for women. Muslin, brown matching beachwear set for women.
Inseam: Ranges from 5-7 inches

Oh no…a set with shorts is one of the best sets for tall women? Oh, yes. These aren’t those stringy shorts you’ll find in the pre-teen section of a trendy mall store and they aren’t the coastal Grandma shorts you’ll find at your local thrift store either. These are stretchy, luxury shorts exclusively designed by Altair the Label. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

These gauzy Tulum shorts pass the thigh-gobbler test, the fingertip test, and any other test you can think of to try and get yourself out of showing off the long legs you were born to flaunt. And by flaunt, we simply mean dress confidently and comfortably, without giving your outfit a second thought. Snag the Tulum top and shorts matching set in cream to embrace the leisure-loving side of you, or opt for the oat for a warmer look.

The Cove Set in Canary and Stone
Best matching beachwear set for travel
 Best matching beachwear set for travel
Inseam: Ranges from 28.5-30.5 inches

It’s beachwear. It’s travel wear. And now it’s the perfect loungewear for tall ladies. The flowy Cove set is made with 100% rayon gauze and can be a swift addition to your lengthy wardrobe. Dare we say that our in-house designer has created the best version of a long-sleeve top and long lounge pants duo to date (and trust us, we’ve seen a lot). 

Our other favorite features of this highly “cove”-ted set include deep pockets, an adjustable drawstring waistband, cinched button wrists, an elegant collar, and of course– an extra long and extra wide leg silhouette. Better yet, we offer it in two muse-worthy shades of lively canary and classy stone. Now that’s a luxury lounge set.  

The Playa Set in Sand 
Neutral matching beachwear set for women.
Inseam: Ranges from 5-7 inches

The struggle for finding good shorts is rough, so we made ones you could have for life. We firmly believe that this matching shorts and top set is different from any other set you’ve tried. And they come with a matching button-down top, created in a thick terry cloth fabric? This set screams “luxury” so loud, we might as well dress you in diamonds. 

Perfect for the summer time or a winter vacation getaway, the Playa set is another shorts and top matching set that will have you questioning why you’ve been avoiding shorts for so long. Turns out, tall women’s loungewear is easy to come by when you design everything in-house.

The Cielo Set in Sunshine and Sky
 Women's loungewear set in yellow, sweater material. Women's loungewear set in blue, sweater material.
Inseam: Ranges from 28.5-30.5 inches

When life gives you lemons, wear loungewear. Or in this case, when life gives you height, embrace it with Altair. The Cielo set is the cozy set of your dreams, and not just because of the luxurious cable-knit material. Equipped with a drawstring waistband, these pants are exactly what every tall woman’s closet needs. And the oversized boxy tee makes this dreamy set work wonders whether you have a long torso, long legs, or the best of both worlds. 

Speaking of the best of both worlds, we offer our plush Cielo set in a warm sunshine color for the days you’re feeling upbeat, or you can reach for a more gentle look with the muted wintry sky color. Pick whatever matching set suits your fancy.

Loungewear for Life, Made for You

When our founders first started Altair, they knew that the best way to make loungewear for life was to make a variety of matching sets that any woman can wear. It’s more than “that’s cute” or “I’d wear that.” We want to make loungewear that makes you feel confident in your skin and makes life’s hardest fashion moments, just a little bit easier. 

Our product collection is always growing, so send this list to a fellow tall friend, and check out our entire collection for more pieces to fit any of your height needs. 

Altair the Label

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